The Watcher In The Woods

The Watcher In The Woods

The Watcher In The Woods

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The Watcher In The Woods
Legendary actress and two-time Oscar-winner Bette Davis (Best Actress: Dangerous, 1935; Jezebel, 1938) stars in this frightening and atmospheric thriller.

When an American teenager joins her family in an English country house, she experiences strange and supernatural occurrences. Mrs. Alywood (Bette Davis), the kindly caretaker, knows the dark secret behind the happenings... and prepares for the return of a young girl who died mysteriously some thirty years earlier!

The Watcher in the Woods weaves a haunting, riveting tale that stays with you long after the explosive ending!

Spillelængde:  80 min.
Produktionsår:  1980
Antal DVD:  1 stk.
Sprog:  Engelsk
Undertekster:  Danske