Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks

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Ruby Sparks
Zoe Kazan writes and stars in this fantasy romcom about a young writer who discovers that he has inadvertently created the girl of his dreams. Paul Dano plays Calvin, a young writing prodigy who has become blocked in both his work and in his love life. One night he dreams up a new character, Ruby (Kazan) - only to awake and find her come to life as a real flesh and blood person, living in his house. Because she is the product of his own fantasy, Ruby proves to be Calvin's dream girl in every respect, and moreover he has the power to write in whatever new characteristics he wishes to give her. But as their relationship develops, Calvin realises he must now figure out just how much creative control he really wants to have over Ruby as falling in love proves, after all, to be a voyage of discovery and chance.

Spillelængde:  104 min.
Produktionsår:  2012
Antal Disc:  1 stk.
Sprog:  Engelsk
Undertekster:  Danske