u20959 Foxcatcher (UDEN COVER)

u20959 Foxcatcher (UDEN COVER)

u20959 Foxcatcher (UDEN COVER)

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Kort om filmen:
Academy Award-nominated psychological drama directed by Bennett Miller and starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum. The film tells the story of how Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (Tatum) was invited by his multi-millionaire mentor John du Pont (Carell) to live on his estate while he trained for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. However, du Pont's mental instability quickly became apparent, and as he sought more and more to tighten his hold over Mark and have an active role in not only his training but his personal life as well, the dynamic between the pair turned sour - an event which would have dire consequences for Mark and his family... The supporting cast includes Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Michael Hall, Sienna Miller and Vanessa Redgrave.

Antal Diske:  1
Spilletid: 134 min.
Produktionsår:  2014
Sprog: Engelsk
Undertekster: Danske