u21124 Cash (UDEN COVER)

u21124 Cash (UDEN COVER)

u21124 Cash (UDEN COVER)

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Cash (2010)
If a bundle of money suddenly fell into your lap--no questions asked--what would you do? That's the dilemma a young, cash-strapped couple are faced with in the psychological thriller CASH. When Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta) come across a briefcase full of money, they think their prayers have finally been answered. However, that sense of relief is short-lived when the owner of said briefcase shows up on their doorstep looking for his loot. Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean, OUTLAW), a dangerous criminal with dollar signs where his heart should be, drags the Phelans deeper and deeper into a web of corruption and deceit. Acclaimed director Stephen Anderson (SOUTH CENTRAL) presents an intriguing morality tale about the lengths people will go to in the pursuit of money.

Spillelængde:  103 min.
Produktionsår:  2010
Antal Disc:  1 stk.
Sprog:  Engelsk
Undertekster:  Danske